During  the  past days 18,19 and 20th November 2015 the CORONARY COURSE AND STRUCTURAL 2015 was held at the Crowne Plaza Barcelona-Fira Center Hotel

The course was organized by the  Hospital Alvaro Cunqueiro of Vigo, Hospital Clinico San Carlos in Madrid, Hospital Sant Pau in Barcelona, Hospital de Bellvitge, Hospital Clinic of Barcelona Hospital Puerta de Hierro - Majadahonda, and Interhospital Foundation for Cardiovascular Research ( FIC).
18 patients were transmitted from the Hospital Clinico in Madrid and  Sant Pau Hospital in Barcelona, which were broadcast live to the Crowne Plaza de Barcelona, during the three days of the symposium.

The  Medical Integrator Med & Home Madrid was responsible for the transmission from the three cathlabs at the Hospital Clinico of Madrid, for which the Hospital Center has invested in equipping the three cathlabs with built VIEWLAB technology from Med&Home, equipment which  has been permanently installed in the rooms.

The transmission of  the live cases was performed in two-way video and audio,  with  no latency and resolution Full HD 1080p60